WHMCS’ HyperVM module and the importance of the product type

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If you’re integrating WHMCS with HyperVM using the built in module, then there’s one thing that you need to be careful of and that’s which “product type” you set for your products/services – despite one of them being called “VPS/Dedicated servers” you actually need to use the “other” group or the HyperVM module simply won’t work.

If you are having problems with module operations such as create and suspend as well as the “login to control panel” link in the admin area then it is likely that you are running into this problem. Another symptom is that every time you view a HyperVM based product/service in the client or admin area then the server entry against that particular client’s service gets unset in the database (the ID used for the link gets set to 0)
In addition to changing the product type for all of the HyperVM based products/services to “other”, you will need to run an update on the MySQL database to set the server column in the tblhosting table back to the right ID for the HyperVM server in the tblservers table. A couple of quick bits of SQL to do this are:

update tblhosting set server=(select id from tblservers where type=’hypervm’ limit 1) where packageid in (select id from tblproducts where servertype = ‘hypervm’);
update tblproducts set type=’other’ where servertype=’hypervm’;

If you have more than one HyperVM server configured in WHMCS then you will need to modify this SQL slightly.


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