WHMCS v4.41 requires BCMath support in PHP

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Beware if you are upgrading to the newly released WHMCS v4.41 that some bits of the admin area such as the client profile tab seem to require that your web server’s copy of PHP has BCMath support available and enabled.

Look for “BCMath support => enabled” in your phpinfo() output from “php -i” to make sure that you have the BCMath library compiled in to your PHP or available as a shared library to be dynamically loaded at runtime as an extension.

Remember that on some web servers the PHP binary that you use from the command line isn’t always using the same configuration as the mod_php or PHP CGI used by your web-server, so you might get different results from “php -i” and calling phpinfo() in a web page.

For some reason WHMCS didn’t feel the need to mention this new requirement in the release notes for version 4.41.


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  1. No reply from John@WHMCS, but on the 13th WHMCS released version 4.42 with a number of important bugfixes including all of the various issues in the above linked thread that should never have made it into version 4.41. I’ve been running this for a few days and it seems OK so far.

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