Welcome to Spheron1, the home of my online persona; "DigitalDisaster", more commonly known as Edward Dore offline. I am a network infrastructure and system administrator from the city of Lincoln, England.
When I’m not breaking networks or programming I can be found launching model rockets or running a mobile disco company ("Ant ‘N’ Decks" – I claim no responsibility for the name) with my friend Matt.

I am tall, thin, completely incapable of spelling and undoubtedly a geek through and through.
I’ve been using computers since my parents bought me an Amiga 1200 in 1992 and I can often be found on my shinny 17" Mac Book Pro or pair of PowerMac G5s, all running the fantastic Mac OS X Leopard.

If I’m in a gaming mood (and I often am) then the MacBook’s hidden secret is a copy of Windows XP loaded with Command and Conquer, Unreal Tournament and Counter Strike.
For a more unique gaming experience I have a Nintendo Wii with a rather large library of Wii and Gamecube games and I even still have my old Sega Dreamcast just waiting for a TV that supports the House of the Dead light guns.

As a network infrastructure guru, I specialise in Cisco switching and routing as well as Check Point and Fortinet firewall products, but I am quite handy with any Linux/UNIX server and have even been known to use Windows when wearing suitable protective clothing.
I am available for contract work, just use the "contact" form if you want a copy of my C.V.

The name "Spheron1" comes from the "War is the H word" episode of Futurama. It is the home world of the bouncing balls, the Spheron. In the episode it is invaded and eventually conquered by Earth.

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