Re-open an accidentally closed tab in Safari 5.0

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Apple’s 5.0 release of the fantastic Safari web browser has introduced a feature I’ve been waiting for since discovering it several years ago in a somewhat unstable third party plugin who’s name escapes me and which has been in Firefox for some time – the ability to re-open an accidentally closed tab.

When combined with the “Reopen Last Closed Window” and “Reopen All Windows from Last Session” items under the history menu, Safari now has all the features that I miss from Firefox for when I accidentally hit the cross or on the rare occasions when it just locks up (usually thanks to bloody Adobe Flash Player!).

To use this awesome new feature, just use the normal undo/redo buttons under the Edit menu.

Safari 5.0 also brings back the nice old school progress meter in the background of the address bar. 🙂


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