Avocent Cyclades ACS console server password reset or reset unit factory defaults

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The Avocent Cycaldes ACS console servers are great little units that run Linux and even give you full root console access. The root password is “tslinux” by default, but if it has been changed then you can boot the unit into single user mode by supplying the argument “single” to the Linux kernel selection during the boot process (make sure you put a space between the existing Kernel parameters and “single”) which will drop you to a root prompt.

On my unit, this line comes up as right at the start of the boot process:

Linux/PPC load: root=/dev/ram ramdisk=0x0001F000

So you would type ” single” (remember the space!) to give you:

Linux/PPC load: root=/dev/ram ramdisk=0x0001F000 single

Then just hit enter and the unit will boot up into single user mode and give you the root prompt.

At this point, if you want to restore the entire unit to the factory default settings which will erase all of the configuration, then just run “defconf” and then reboot the unit.

If you want to keep the existing configuration intact but just reset the password then you can just use the traditional Linux passwd tool to edit /etc/passwd:

[root@(none) /]# passwd
New password:
Re-enter new password:
Password changed
[root@(none) /]# saveconf
Checking the configuration file list…
Compressing configuration files into /tmp/saving_config.tar.gz … done.
Saving configuration files to flash … done.
[root@(none) /]# reboot
[root@(none) /]# Restarting system.


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  1. [root@(none) /]# passwd
    New password:
    Re-enter new password:
    Canot lock password file: already locked
    Error: Password NOT changed
    passwd: pam_chauthok, error 20
    [root@(none) /]#


  2. How do I change the password since I got above error message. Here is file permission.

    [root@(none) /]# uname -a
    Linux (none) 2.6.11 #1 Tue Mar 28 13:31:20 PST 2006 ppc unknown
    [root@(none) /]# ls -al /etc/passwd
    -rw-r–r– 1 root root 200 Mar 28 2006 /etc/passwd
    [root@(none) /]#

  3. [root@(none) /]# defconf

    WARNING: this will erase all of your current configuration and restore the
    system’s factory default configuration. This action is irreversible
    and the device must be rebooted to apply that.

    Are you sure you wish to continue? (y/N) y
    /bin/defconf: /mnt/flash/config.tgz: Read-only file system
    [root@(none) /]#

    I cannot even set factory default.

  4. Hi Edward,
    I removed “rw” at the end of the line. That’s why became readonly. Now managed to changed the password and factory default setting. Thanks a lot for your guidance. 🙂

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