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I recently upgraded a server to Plesk 9.3 only to find that it broken @mail. The list of available webmail clients no longer has @mail in it and trying to remove the psa-atmail RPM failed with a script error.

In the end, I had to force the removal of the RPM with the –noscripts option and then go and manually delete /var/www/atmail as well as any entries in /etc/psa-webmail/atmail, /etc/psa-webmail/atmailcom, /etc/psa/webmail/atmail and /etc/psa/webmail/atmailcom before I could get the RPM to re-install correctly.
Even then, the RPM install failed with “Unable to get options for atmail webmail” and I had to run “/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/webmailmng –install –name=atmail” to get it back in to the list of available webmail clients.

It seems that this has all come about with Parallels moving the webmail config files from /etc/psa-webmail/ to /etc/psa/webmail/ and botching up the RPMs somehow.


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