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Missing Junk mailbox in Apple Mail

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

When setting up a new MacBook Pro recently, I was impressed that all of my mail account settings were synced over via iCloud, but somewhat surprised and confused to find that the “Junk” mailbox for all accounts was missing.

I couldn’t find the “Junk” mailbox anywhere – it wasn’t in the list of special folders (Drafts, Sent, Trash etc.) with the Inbox and it wasn’t in the list of general mailboxes – it had seemingly just vanished.

This is particularly annoying for me as I used Zimbra for my mail server and can train the server side junk mail filters by moving messages in and out of the special “Junk” mailbox.

All of the junk mail settings in Apple Mail were enabled and seemed to match those in the same version of Apple Mail on my old laptop, so what was happening?

It seems that when you have the junk mail setting in Apple mail set to “Mark as junk mail, but leave it in my Inbox”, Apple hides the “Junk” mailbox to start with whilst it trains its filters and then only shows it once they have sufficient data built up to start identifying spam.

A quick work around to get the “Junk” mailbox to show up straight away is to change the junk mail setting in Apple Mail from “Mark as junk mail, but leave it in my Inbox” to “Move it to the Junk mailbox” and back again.

Changing this setting causes the “Junk” mailbox to be shown and the mailbox doesn’t get hidden again when you change it back.

RIP Steve Jobs

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs, you have truly changed the face of both computing and society in general. Few people have had such a great and positive impact on the world as you did. You will be sorely missed.

Apple have a brief tribute to the great man over at

Apple iTunes quality checks

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Some time ago I purchased Mythbusters series 6 and 7 on the iTunes store and downloaded several gigabytes of episodes. I was watching one of the last episodes yesterday and it reliably skipped significantly at a couple of points with a complete loss of audio and video for 10 seconds or so.

I managed to finish the episode and more or less understand what was going on, but made a note to drop Apple an e-mail at some point asking for a fresh copy of the episode as it was obviously rather annoying.

Imagine my surprise this evening when I received an e-mail from iTunes saying that they had noticed that the item had “noticeable quality issues” and so they had placed another copy on my account and I just had to fire up iTunes and get it to check for new items available for download.

Sure enough, a quick trip in to iTunes and the store showed that there was indeed a download of the episode in question available and in a few minutes later I had a pristine new copy (the joys of 50Mbps broadband!).

Undoubtedly some privacy groups somewhere will complain that iTunes sent this data back to Apple, but in the end why should I care? The transmission of this data doesn’t really infringe my privacy in any way and I benefitted as a consumer as a result.

What’s more, my view of Apple as a consumer has gone from potentially irritated or even annoyed to very impressed with the customer service. How better to stop complains than to respond pro-actively?